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ForTen 3000, Tensile Structre Design

ForTen 3000





ForTen 3000 is a system for Tensile structure design,analysis and pattern making.

Flexible and powerful has gained success and used today in more than 60 companies, Architects & Engineering firms worldwide.

Form Finder

Based on a mixed Force density & stiffness method technically any shape that satisfies Tensile Structure rules can be design

Forten tensile structure design software

Static Analysis

Static non-Linear Analysis & mixed Non-Linear /Linear with any number of user defined load cases. Membrane stress plots, Reaction Forces, Supporting Forces & Deformed Shapes can plotted & animated on screen.


Patterning Complex double curved shapes has never been so easy.

Auto CAD Rhinoceros

Import/Export to DWG & DXF files of any geometric entity form model pattern to cross section .Import native.

Rhinoceros 3dm files with conversions of nurbs surface to tenso groups.


FFM: Form Finder

NLM: Non-Linear Analysis Module (FFM Require)

PTM: Pattrener Module (FFM Require)


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