The machine produces seams with accurate stitch length and prevents slippage of the upper fabric. The machine ensures beautiful seam quality free from stitch gathering, even when a hard-to-feed material is used.



Model nameDLN-5410N-7, 5410NDLN-5410NH-7, 5410NHDLN-5410NJ-7DLN-5410NJ-7
Application Light- to medium-weight Medium- to heavy-weight Jeans Heavy-weight
(long stitch length type)
Max. sewing speed 5,000sti/min 4,000sti/min 3,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 4mm 4.5mm 6mm
Presser foot By knee: 13mm
Needle DB×1 (#14), 134 (Nm90) DB×1 (#21), 134 (Nm130) DB×1 (#21), 134 (Nm130)




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