Virtek® laser systems are precision laser-based templating, inspection and CNC manufacturing solutions. These systems help users produce products faster, with better quality and at a lower cost.The use of laser projection systems makes mechanical templates or time-consuming measurement procedures obsolete. The projected image is always precise because it is generated from the product’s CAD data.





Aerospace and Composites


Assemble Accurate Kits

Virtek® LaserKit™is a patented laser-guided projection kitting tool that helps workers assemble accurate kits by indicating the correct sequence of plies to be picked from the cutting table.


Plan the Ply Layup Process

Used in conjunction with Virtek LaserEdge®, the Virtek Plannersystem enables users to plan and troubleshoot the ply layup process by simulating the process sequence just as the Virtek LaserEdge system will interpret it.


Lay Composite Plies Precisely

Virtek LaserEdge™ three-dimensional laser templating system projects a laser template onto molds and parts to guide operators through the process of part fabrication whether it be ply layup, paint masking, harness assembly or component location.


Inspect First Articles and In Process Parts Quickly

Virtek LaserQC® is a rapid inspection system that employs lasers to measure the accuracy of two-dimensional parts to tolerances within 0.05mm (0.002 inches).

Quality Inspection


Inspect Two-Dimensional Parts

Virtek LaserQC is a rapid inspection system that employs lasers to measure the accuracy of two-dimensional parts to tolerances within 0.05mm (0.002 inches). It is ideal for first-article inspection and reverse engineering requirements. Virtek LaserQC compares the finished product to a CAD file and produces a detailed report with all dimensions and deviations from tolerances.


Inspect Three-Dimensional Parts

Virtek LaserQC Automatic Form Measurement (AFM) is a rapid inspection system that employs lasers to measure the accuracy of three-dimensional parts to tolerances within 0.25mm (0.010 inches). Now you can measure a part's height, raised features as well as from edge-to-edge or hole-to-hole. Reduce scrap and rework and improve profitability by pinpointing errors immediately on the shop floor.


Reverse Engineering

With the Virtek LaserQC system, it's easy to reverse engineer two-dimensional parts. The LaserQC scans the part in seconds, capturing all required data and generates a CAD file. The software allows you to manipulate the scan data and part profile to optimize the quality of the CAD model. Then, simply export the CAD file for post processing or add it to your CAD library.

Assembly - Welded


Spatial Positioning System

Iris Spatial Positioning System guides workers through the assembly process by locating hardware in 3D space, quickly locking onto CAD datum references and employing lasers to project exact placement positions on the work piece. Finally, parts are manufactured exactly as designed without the expense and delay caused by using templates, tooling and fixtures.

Construction (PCI)


Visualize the Finished Truss

The Virtek TrussView® system facilitates truss assembly by projecting data associated with a truss in production so everyone involved can visualize it and has the necessary information, including work order, truss name, quantity and key dimensions, to construct it correctly.


Assemble Trusses Quickly

The Virtek TrussLine® system projects a laser template of the truss to be built onto the work surface, highlighting the position and shape of all truss joints and connector plates and eliminating the need for measuring, squaring and stringing.


Assemble Accurately — Guided by Lasers

The Virtek LTG (Laser Template Generator) facilitates assembly of wood panels, pre-cast concrete or steel by projecting a laser template of the panel members onto the work surface, showing workers how assembly should be done.


Visualize the Finished Part — Before Production Begins

The Virtek LaserCNC system projects a laser template of the finished part onto the CNC table to enable accurate, fast positioning of the fixing components.



The Virtek LaserQC quality inspection system is ideal for the following markets and applications:

  • Gasket
  • Sheet metal
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Military
  • Glass
  • Oil and Gas
  • Tool and Die
  • Packaging



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