YuniquePLM™ is a web-based platform that helps teams around the world communicate effectively, accelerate workflows and eliminate errors.Now you can get the right products to market, on time at the right price with robust functionality that enables you to track samples, manage color palettes, digital assets and raw materials, generate and communicate tech packs and facilitate relationships with global suppliers.

Product lifecycle management software designed specifically for the apparel fashion and retail industries


A single repository of product data

Getting a product to market is complicated. YuniquePLM product lifecycle management software is a single-source database that helps you control, manage and track product changes to maintain one version of the truth for everyone involved in the product development process.

Easy to use

There's a reason why designers and IT professionals alike adopt YuniquePLM – it's so easy to use and integrates with existing ERP systems. In fact, a global market research leader recognized YuniquePLM as a "solution created by a team of people from the industry who have hands-on expertise in addressing the needs of the fashion PLM industry across the globe."

Seamless integration with your Gerber CAD system

Now, you can utilize data and images from your AccuMark pattern design, grading and marking system within YuniquePLM, eliminating duplication of effort and minimizing errors. Save time by populating YuniquePLM spec sheets with measurements created in AccuMark and share all of these details with colleagues and suppliers.

Business intelligence in an easy-to-digest format

With YuniquePLM's business intelligence capabilities, you get the complete picture of your business. Make better informed business decisions by integrating YuniquePLM with your ERP and other third-party systems for a high-level business summary and easily drill down to analyze the details.

Implementation designed for success

We understand that implementing a new enterprise-wide software platform that affects all areas of your business can be a daunting task. Our experienced implementation team understands the risks and challenges associated with implementing a PLM system and our disciplined and proven project management methodology will help ensure its success.

The power of YuniquePLM on your mobile device

With YuniquePLM product lifecycle management software, you can access information from any standard mobile device like smartphones and tablets. Need to convey information from a fit session? No problem. Input comments on the spot to communicate the details to colleagues.

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