The independent research and development of industrial sewing machine needle from GRAND is with a specific energy-saving direct-drive servo motor and control system. The output power is strong and can meet the sewing machine work. It also has variety of reliable automatic controls to adjust the working status of the motor, which greatly reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. With variable speed, quick start, precise positioning brake, installation, simple maintenance. It is the ideal advanced product of current traditional industrial sewing machine clutch motor and plugging motor, and it will help you realize direct driving of industrial sewing machine.





Salient Features

  • Energy saving, environmental
  • protection, human.
  • Saving more than 80%.
  • Saving manpower by 20%.
  • Small size, simple operation, easy
  • maintenance, beautiful appearance.
  • Long life
  • Starts, braking action smooth,
  • little vibration.
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