Eisenkolb ACP-2200 is an automatic combined panel joining/tape attaching machine.



• Equipped with Brother high speed 2-needle, 4- or 5-thread V-series safety stitch machine with variable top and  bottom feed.
• Auxiliary puller feed in combination with in-line belt feed offers excellent, pattern matching, sewing results in panel joining operation.
• Combined top and bottom feed creates outstanding conditions for fast and smooth Buckram tape attaching.
• Advanced pneumatic fabric guiding system, optional with separately adjustable upper/lower layer guides, to offer 
  quick and fl exible adjustment to differences (up to 50 mm) in selvedge’s.
• Sewing section extendible to ease threading, cleaning and maintenance.
• Optimal control of start/stop functions by means of pulling cables situated along the entire operator side of the machine.
• Fully synchronized, 550 cm long, conveyor belt simplifi es the handling of large and heavy curtains.
• Fully automatic, PLC-controlled, autonomous sewing sequence without interference of the operator increases productivity by overlapping working method.
• Machine measurements 550 x 160 cm.





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