Eisenkolb EPS 2200 is an electronic, pre-programmed, straight line lock stitch pinch pleat tacker with fully automatic curtain hook feeding device.



  • Versatile Brother electronic high speed curtain pinch pleat tacker, pre-programmed to process 2”, 3” and 4” Microfl ex adjustable curtain hooks.
  • Subclasses available with a x-axis stitch length of max 130 mm (5”) and max 220 mm (8”).
  • Separate spot-tack program to fasten (manually) folded double and triple pleats.
  • Easy setting of desired hook length by means of digital control panel mounted on the table top.
  • Fully automatic curtain hook feeding device with automatic adjustment of the hook height (header) between 5 and 50 mm in steps of 5 mm.
  • Accurate, quick adjustable low power line laser to ensure equal pleat distances.
  • Quick adjustable guide to set pleat depth.
  • Large hook container, stores up to 100 hooks.
  • Production output up to 2500 single pleats a day is possible.




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