SJT-5500 Steamer hangs clothing on cloth racks and easily irons out wrinkles.It can be used for any type of clothing with wide applications including department stores, boutiques, outlets, tailor shops etc


  • Generation of strong steam of 120 degrees within 90 sec after switch on
  • Preheating and heating function of the power stitch
  • Built in water supply alarm system and overheating prevention system
  • Highly portable and suitable for limited places
  • Help to clean out stain and dirt in kitchens as well as sterlizer and humidifier function.





Samjin SJT-5500



Model SJT-5500
Voltage 220V
Watts 1500W
Weight 8.5 kg
Temp 165 degrees
Size 545 x 290 x 370
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