The world’s leading apparel brands depend on Gerber Technology’s innovative AccuMark® software to design, develop and market their products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Now our dynamic new AccuPlan™ and AccuMark 3D modules take your speed and efficiency to a whole new level.


AccuMark Explorer

  • Add more information to your zip files, including 3D components and measure charts.
  • Generate a bill of materials (BOM) from your model files to share with PLM or other non-AccuMark users.
  • See a sketch preview of the model to better identify data.
  • Easily install AccuMark on a large number of systems with the new silent installation program.

Easy Marking.

  • Identify active sizes to reduce errors in marker ordering.
  • Bookmark revisions in the marker and revert to different layouts at any time.
  • Define the width of the piece perimeter lines in the marker for ContourVision.
  • Automatically save the marker layout and never lose your work again!

Easy Plan.

  • Create your plan with only the sizes needed, including altered sizes
  • Generate reports from your finished cut plans to share information outside of Easy Plan.
  • Automate your cut planning process using a watch directory to import files.
  • Increase calculation capabilities for larger cut orders.

Pattern Design.

  • Style level changes make pattern changes even easier with editable pleats and fullness.
  • Color management profiles are identified when images are placed to assist in color matching in digital printing.
  • Store measurements from any size, including altered sizes, in measure charts.
  • Identify cut sequences line-by-line on pieces to optimize cutting and reduce recuts.

System Requirement

Minimum Recomended
Processor Speed Intel® Dual-Core Intel Intel® mCore™ i5
Hard Disk Capacity 20+ GB 250 GB
Memory 4 GB 8+ GB
Service Packs Current Current
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