MEI FIXLASER P1000 is the medium-sized laser cutting and engraving machine of the MEI Laser Range: 

This model allows for maximum flexibility as it is available in different configurations and may be equipped with three different lase sources.

The limited size and large cutting area (1020x540 mm - 1020x700 mm - 1200x600 mm - 1300x700 mm) of these models allow to be used for any type of production, from the small embroidery and labels business, or craftsman's studio, to the large garments industry.

An easily transportable machine, equipped with a CO2 laser source of 25,50 or 100 watt 8air-cooled or liquid-cooled), a cutting head driven on two axes by powerful motors, the possibilty of assembling either a fixed cutting plane or a motorized cutting plane (for automatic loading/discharge of material to be worked/finished). Usable cutting area (1020x540 mm) external fume suction device
that may be connected to a filtering unit, possibility of control at three power levels (usually one for cutting and two for engraving), possibility of selecting two cutting modes: constant speed or variable speed for optimizing times, cleaning of the cutting head using air produced by an internal pump or with air produced by an external source or with gases specific for laser cutting (usually Nitrogen).


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