OP-1400/1400L is a low temperature fusing machine.


  • Longer Heating Chamber extends the heating time so that the fabrics can be fused perfectly under the lower temperature and reduce the color differences result from the high temperature to assure the hand feeling of the fabrics.
  • Use high-tech PID temperature controller with digital display to show the temperature precisely.
  • The air pressure together with the special-made pressure roller system makes sure the precise pressure.
  • 12 sets of special-made heating equipments minimize the temperature differences.
  • The vacuum cooling system at the end of machine brings the fused fabric a stronger bonding effect.
  • Use the cleaning device to keep the Teflon belts always clean.
  • Rotary Strip-off device for strengthening the cleaning function and avoid transforming of the the finished fabrics.
  • There are kinetic wheels the machine to offers the convenient mobility.


  • For the woven/knitted fabrics fusing
  • Fusing for the whole fabric and interline


Model OP-1400 OP-1400L
Power Supply 3-Phase(220V¡A380V)
Electric Capacity 200¢J
Electric Heater Capacity 26.4KW 26.4KW
Fusing Width (mm) 1400 1400
Fusing Length Endless
Pressure System Air Pressure
Air Pressure 0~5kgf/cm²(0~0.5mpa)
Heating Chamber Temperature
Fusing Time 8~34secs
Supply Air Pressure Min. Consumption 1~3kg/cm²
Net Weight (mm) 4100*1950*1450 4100*1950*1450



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