Oshima OP-900L/1000L is a straight linear fussing press machine.


  • Continuous fusing system increases the productivity.
  • The fusing width is 900mm and the length is endless.
  • PCB and micro switch control the upper & lower belts automatically.
  • Electronic thermostat and the relay controller to offer the stable temperature and diminish the temperature differences to the minimum.
  • The heating are well monitored, to ensure the heating system working normally.
  • The heating system distribute the heat evenly and can be used to all fabrics.
  • The best quality of Teflon belt assures the precise temperature.
  • With the wrinkle-free silicone roller to handle with all fabrics in perfect bonding.
  • With the cooling fan and mesh conveyor belt, which has the best cooling effect.
  • Auto stop micro switches ensure the belts away from damages.
  • Standard with strong spring-pressure mechanism. No extra air-compressor is needed.
  • Rotary Strip-off device for strengthening the cleaning function and avoid transforming on the finished fabrics.
  • Special-designed clean rod to clean the belt completely, and it is easy for replacement once the rod gets dirty.
  • Optional: A: Air (Pneumatic) Pressure B: Longer bottom belt


  • For the woven/knitted fabrics fusing
  • Fuse the interlining (can work together with the feed/exit materials instrument)



Model OP-900L OP-1000L
Power Supply 3-Phase(220V¡A380V) 3-Phase(220V¡A380V)
Rated Output (Motor) 240W 240W
Rated Output 12KW 14KW
Fusing Width (mm) 900mm 1000mm
Fusing Length Endless
Pressure System Spring/Air Pressure Spring/Air Pressure
Spring/Air Pressure 0~5kgf/cm²(0~0.5Mpa)
Temperature Heating Chamber Temperature
0¢J~200¢J ; 32¢K~420¢K
Fusing Time 5~30secs ¡@5~34secs
Supply Air Pressure Min. Consumption1~3kg/cm²
Dimensions (mm) 2310*1660*1420 2310*1760*1420


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