The XLc7000 cuts a variety of materials up to two meters (79 in) wide at compressed fabric heights up to 7.2 cm (2.83 in).The GERBERcutter® XLc7000 automated cutting system cuts up to 7.2 cm of compressed material – accommodating a variety of fabric types and material widths up to two meters.With its low initial capital investment, low cost of ownership and superb accuracy and throughput, the GERBERcutter XLc7000 system delivers the best price-performance in its class.



Get accurately cut parts consistently

Gerber’s Knife Intelligence® senses deflection of the knife caused by cutting difficult materials or high-ply spreads and compensates for this deflection. This results in more accurately cut parts and makes it possible to nest parts closer together to achieve outstanding material utilization.

Save energy

An intelligent, high-efficiency variable vacuum control regulates vacuum power as needed to save energy.

Realize a fast return on your investment

Automated cutting enables you to cut more parts with less labor. An optional lateral travel kit enables the cutter to move among multiple spreading tables to optimize cutter usage.




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