For spreading very heavy and/or large-diameter, bulky rolls of material.The GERBERspreader™ 250s is a heavy-duty spreading system for material rolls that weigh up to 250 kg (550 lbs.). Precision selvage and end alignment technology maximizes material utilization. An intelligent cradle feed system delivers tension-free spreading for the entire lay.

A large cradle option is available for spreading material from very large rolls – ideal for denim, corduroy and other heavy fabrics used in apparel production.


Optimizes material utilization

The system is equipped with adjustable infrared photocells to ensure accurate selvage alignment. Precision end alignment technology reduces end loss.

Fast and safe

The system spreads material at speeds up to 100 meters per minute. The spreader’s cradle feed system is equipped with an electric cradle tilt that enables fast, easy loading/unloading and threading/rewinding of material rolls. An optional loading system lifts heavy rolls from the floor to the spreader cradle and vice versa, making it easy and safe to load and unload rolls.


The GERBERspreader 250s is available in widths of 160cm (63 in.) 180cm (71 in.) 200cm (79 in.) and 220cm (87 in.). Fixed or movable end catchers are available and optional accessories are offered for spreading reverse-wound or flat folded material and for spreading material face-to-face.

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