The side seamer units TS-1300 and TS-2300 were designed to sew trousers side seams and inseams on trousers and lining seams on skirts. The side seamer unit provides an option of sewing 4 or 5-thread safety stitches, double chainstitch seam or 2 or 3-thread overlock seams. The side seamer unit uses the overlock Pegasus sewing head EX 3216.The use of photocell for start and end of sewing increases the productivity. A constant fullness distribution is reached by the differential top and bottom feeding. It is much easier to sew trousers side seams with pockets thanks to our special kit supplied as standard with foot control. Taking advantage of the programmable PLC with touch screen control, the operator can guide the hip curve at maximum sewing speed. 


Overlock pegasus sewing head EX 3216

PLC control system

Graphical touch-screen control panel

Efka mini stop DC servo motor

Pneumatic contour (edge) guiding system

Automatic sewing start and end photocell

Air nozzles on table for smooth fabric transport

Manual fullness distribution by differential top and bottom feeding

Special sewing equipment (with foot pedal) for trouser side seams with pockets

Automatic chain cutting waste removal

Automatic rail guiding system with photocell controlled mouse (TS-2300 only)

Advanced stacker (TS-2300 only)

Fabric puller (TS-2300 only)


Sewing Procedure

  • the front and back trouser panels are aligned at each other
  • the mouse clamps the work piece so it stayes tightened
  • the hip pocket and other difficult section are sewn manually
  • the guide is activated and the machine is automatically switched to the automatic sewing
  • the overlock chain is trimmed and sucked automatically to the waste bin
  • the finished work piece is automatically stacked







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