Single feed machine to produce socks with patterns that can be made over the entire sock including the double welt and the elastic. Socks with three-dimensional patterns can also be made using selection (without using pickers).


• High efficiency motor with hollow shaft coaxial with the cylinder;
• Energy savings because there is no mechanical transmission to drive the cylinder;
• No vibrations and reduced background noise;
• Modular light alloy structure with its centre of gravity aligned with the axis of the cylinder;
• Cylinder post supported by a single special low friction oil-lubricated bearing;
• Stitch widened by vertical movement of only the large and small crowns with the cylinder rigidly anchored to the cylinder post;
• Dial driven by cogged belt with pneumatic disengagement to reduce the wear of yarn cutting knife and saw.



Technical Specification

One creel machine with 6 selection units designed for needle by needle selection in any part of the sock;

Yarn fingers:

N° 1 main feed station composed of 8 single yarn fingers;
N° 4 colour stations each composed of 3 yarn fingers;
N° 1 for the elastic feed;


Stitch regulation using stepper motors;


3.1/4” and 3.3/4”;

Number of needles:

from 72 to 220;

Needle gauge :

from 24 to 54;


Approx kg 300 ca.

Production Features

• Socks in plain mesh, terry, sandwich terry (single sinker) with 4 colours plus the ground colour;

• Possibility to carry out patterns in 4 colours plus the ground colour on the same course, for a total, on the sock, of 13 colours;

• Possibility of fillet-stitch patterns plus 4 colours;

• Needle-by-needle selection of the elastic for false ribs with the possibility of making 4-colour patterns even on the double welt and the elastic;

• Double welt in tuck stitch plus 4-colour patterns;

• Tuck and fillet stitches


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