Completely new and innovative unit for cutting and squaring fabrics for roller blind working by cold crash-cut and/or ULTRASONIC.A four times higher speed compared to traditional tables and a space saving monolithic structure make this machine a perfect choice for a roller blind manufacturer looking for high speed, accurate squaring and easy and intuitive setting in addition to the possibility of easy repositioning of the machine if needed. Cutting width = 3300mm





  • From the TOUCH SCREEN computer display you can input and memorize individual setting for each fabric to process, such as speed, cold crash cut or ultrasonic cut




  • All cutting heads both cold and US can be easily positioned according to the blind size
  • A special tensioner operated by two photocells keep under control the perfect tensioning of the fabric from beginning till end of the roll.
  • The absolute precision of the steel and rubber cylinders driving the fabric insure the perfect squaring of the fabric particularly on screen and light coated fabrics.Productivity speed is at least four times higher than a traditional cutting table and this is particularly appreciable when manufacturing small series of same size blinds.
  • Production speed about 150 blinds (size2000x2000). Productivity doubled using 3 cutting heads I.E. 2 blinds 1500x2000.



  • All automatism are controlled by a micro processor checking the electronic and pneumatic devices.
  • MFR3500 has been built according to CE norms and regulations.
  • Emergency stop buttons.
  • Mechanic, electric and electronic components are according to UNI norms.







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