Completely automatic and computerized venetian blind making machine that forms, cuts, punches and threads 12,5mm, 15/16mm and 25mm slats to pre-set lenghts. The positioning of the punching and threading stations is automatically done by the computer, according to the overall dimensions of the blind, previously memorized.





  • Numerical control system to determine the slatlength with an accuracy of ± 0,5 mm.Its double set of stations allows the alteration from one measurement to the other by simple use of the programme.
  • All the automatisms are computer controlled. User friendly programme with monitor which guides you step by step through every stage of the order to be processed.
  • The computer calculates automatically the number of slats once you enter the height of the blind and the dimensions of head and bottom rail, the number of holes and the number of threading stations.



  • Two magazines for coil accumulation with optical sensors guarantee homogeneous forming of slat from the beginning to the end of the coil.
  • Variable slat feeding and pulling speeds determined by computer.
  • Two complete work lines for two slat sizes (single track on demand)



  • Automatic shut-off in case of splices in coil.
  • Two emergency stop buttons
  • Automatic shut-off at end of coil.
  • Optional ladder tape holders.
  • All electric, electronical and pneumatic parts are guaranteed to UNI European standards.
  • The MPV 3200 has been designed and built according to the EC law.






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