This revolutionary series of innovative machines improves garment drying in a very original way.
The machines use an innovative closed circuit integrated energy recovery system that recovers dry air through an effective integrated heat pump, preventing energy loss.
This continual air recovery and re-circulation not only increases drying efficiency, but it drastically reduces the consumption of heat and, therefore, energy, to the benefit of your profits.

The RZ series resolves the biggest problem of customers who cannot install gas dryers due to:

  • the lack of authorisation from the other co-owners of a block of flats and/or from
    the building owner 
  • facilities that lack an external outlet
  • facilities that lack an external outlet and would require the creation of air suction systems.

or who, in the case of electrical dryers, would find themselves forced to significantly increase the required installed power.

On the contrary, with a closed circuit dryer, you can finally rely on an electrical heat dryer that drastically reduces both the required installed power and energy costs with respect to a normal dryer, giving you the possibility to lower energy consumption without installing expensive hoods and/or gas suction systems.
If you add that to the fact that the RZ series is also available in a steam version, you'll see that this is an excellent opportunity to reduce energy costs if you are interested in setting up a steam machine feeding system within your business.

The RZ series is AVAILABLE with a 16 to 25 Kg load capacity range in the following models:

  • RZ 35
  • RZ 55


    RZ 35 PLUS  RZ 55 PLUS
Load Capacity:
 Load capacity kg 15 25
 Drum g/1' 39 40
 Diameter mm 763 900
 Depth mm 734 744
 Volume dm³ 334 492
 Inverter KW 0.55 0.55
 Drum motor HP 0.37 0.37
 Fan KW 0.25 0.25
Overall dimensions:
 Width (A) mm 810 950
 Depth (B) mm 1370 1400
 Height (C) mm 1830 1900
 Steam kg 12 15
 Electrical version KW 10.5 10.5
 Weight kg 300 340
Installation data:
 Water inlet Ø 1/2" 1/2"
 Water drain Ø 1/2" 1/2"
 Steam supply Ø 3/8" 3/8"
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