With our extensive range of components, we offer you the most efficient warehousing technology for your individual project. All psb warehousing systems are built in modular structure. Different load handling units are available for a safe transport and storage of customer bins/totes. Depending on the specific requirements and building layout (height and capacity of the warehouse, requested performance, etc.) the most suitable AS/RS system is designed on the basis of this »modular kit« – for each specific task a customized solution.

Control components, as on-board or stationary control, energy recovery, infrared data transfer, energy storage in supercapacitors, laser path finding, etc., are well-proven standard elements, which are applied in all kinds of AS/RS systems.

AS/RS systems

sprinter , runloader and maxloader – the psb high performance AS/RS systems

sprinter Faster and increase in efficiency – this was the directive given to the psb research and development department for the design of the new psb sprinterAS/RS system. sprinter is available in single or twin mast versions. The weight of the construction has been optimized, with yet increased efficiency. The sprinterseries is complemented with an intelligent control system and a sophisticated drive algorithm – certainly an efficient future component in warehousing and distribution technology.

runloader The runloader is utilized for the handling of heavy bins or cassettes (load up to 300 kg). In a special design, it can even be used for the overhead storage of garments, bicycles, etc. The runloader, which is available in single or twin mast versions (aluminium design), is outstanding for its highly dynamic behavior, with most convenient travel limits and handling levels.

maxloader The maxloader is utilized for the handling of cages and pallets (load up to 1,250 kg). This device, as well, is recognized for its highly dynamic behavior, setting a benchmark in its class. The double-deep storage of the load carrying devices is also possible.


vario.sprinter The psb shuttle system vario.sprinter is recognized for its high performance, a very high degree of flexibility and best possible scalability. With WLAN or Bluetooth (respectively), and Embedded Controller with integratedselektron SCADA visualization, the psb shuttle system represents the latest state-of-the-art technology. The power supply is obtained via an on-board supercapacitor, so that the energy recovery module (integrated as standard) is especially effective. Its modular structure allows for a high degree of redundancy and the best possible scalability.

So, the complete range of psb load handling device technologies (e.g. tray, bin, carton gripper) can be applied in its entirety. By adding further shuttles, the performance of the designed system can be enhanced considerably, even during operation. The vario.sprinter is the perfect complement to the psb AS/RS stacker crane systems. Depending on the configuration, more than 1,000 double cycles per aisle can be achieved.

Carrousel storage

rotastore The psb rotastore is a carrousel storage facility in modular construction. Its special feature is its performance, which can be up to ten times higher than that of conventional systems. The rotastore system is most efficiently employed as warehousing and order picking system mainly in production, with complex manufacturing processes and a large variety of styles and items.

Controlled by selektron software, the system contributes substantially to the flexibility of production control.







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