The psb overhead conveyor technology« offers the optimum system solution for all requirements – controlled by the psb selektron management system.

Trolleyless conveyor system The latest psb systems solution in overhead conveyor technology allows for the transport, storage and sortation of hanging items, without the utilization of any transport module (load carrying device).

Conveyor system with trolleys psb Power&Free systems are based on a common platform strategy for several types of overhead conveyors. Which trolley conveyor system is the most suitable for a specific task? Micro, mono or long trolley – it depends, among other factors, on the system performance, or on the weight and size of the goods to be conveyed.

ets Electric monorail system A single overhead rail for middle-weight loads. The speed of the individual, electrically powered transport vehicles can be set individually and according to situation. Therefore, the ets can be utilized purely as transport system, and as assembly system in line production.





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