New model with a direct-drive servomotor has been introduced as an addition to the MF Series of JUKI sewing machines. The new machine consumes only about half the power of the conventional models.(compared with the model equipped with the clutch motor) A mounting base for the direct-drive type machine head is provided as standard with a hand pulley.We are delighted to announce that new subclass models have been added; one model is best-suited to the sewing of hard-to-sew materials with multidirectional elasticity such as swimwear, while another model is for the prevention of uneven feed of the tape-attached parts of boxer briefs and running shirts to provide more consistent seam quality. In addition, the multipurpose type subclass model which is able to perform both one-side cutting and both-sides cutting has also been added, intended for sewing plants engaged in the sewing of diversified sewing items.



Model name


(direct-drive type)


(belt-drive type)

Application Light- to heavy weight (knit)
Max. sewing speed 4,200sti/min 
Stitch length  1.6 ~ 2.5mm (standard 2.1mm)
Needle gauge 5.2, 6.0mm
Needle FL × 118GCS (#10S) #9S ~ #12S
Retainer needle FLG-8 (#8) #8~#11 




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