The Impulse Extreme 3.0 impulse sealing machine incorporates an effective thermo impulse sealing technology with precision controlled welding parameters that will create the best looking and strongest seams. This simplistic design applies pressure to the seam area, pulses heat to the seam area throughout the heating element, holds the seam area under pressure while allowing the seam area to cool through a liquid cooled process, and releases allowing the operator to move to the next seam area. 




  • Will easily weld pockets, hems and overlaps for versatility
  • Will weld all seam types required by the sign, awning, screen and blind maker
  • Welds nearly all thermoplastic material for a wide array of products
  • PLC controlled heating and cooling cycles for consistent welds
  • Water cooled upper and lower welding bars for consistent heat and flat seams
  • Advanced dual safety features including safety pressure switch and photo eye monitoring


Impulse Extreme 3.0 Awnings



Impulse Extreme 3.0 Blinds and Shades


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