Economy version of mechanical eyelet buttonhole machine that includes many features associated with higher priced machines available in the market. The S-100 mechanical eyelet buttonhole machine provides the user with excellent value and is offered in the widest range of models including the round eyelet. Buttonhole length, eye/no eye buttonhole and type of buttonhole finishing can be rapidly changed with the replacement of a small pattern cam. All cams are supplied with the mechanical eyelet buttonhole machine as standard. Selection of buttonhole cutting is simply and quickly done by using two levers. The mechanical eyelet buttonhole machine is sewing open, flybar, cross bar buttonholes with or without the eye, 2-7 mm round eyelet buttonholes at the speed of 1750 spm. The regular buttonhole length is adjustable between 10-32 mm depending on the garment manufacturers’ requirements and the machine model.



Pattern Cam Replacement

Buttonhole size, eye style (regular eye or no eye), and end finishing (open end, flybar, crossbar) can be rapidly changed, by changing the pattern of shape cam. If buttonhole size is changed, the length gauge must also be adjusted. This gauge is similar to both the S-101 and S-104.

The S-100 machine sews up to 1,750 spm. Productivity of an average of 3,200 buttonholes is based on 8-hour day. The daily productivity with RDE machine models (052, 053) is about 5,700 spm.

Simple selection of buttonhole cutting

Cut before, cut after or no cut are easily and quickly selected by using two levers. The same mechanism is used on the S-101 and S-104 models.

Wide range of buttonholes

All S-100 models provide our customers with a wide range of buttonholes ranging from basic adjustable flybar and open end to the cross bar and round eyelet. Please refer to the “Available models & Applications” and “Technical specifications” for more detailed information.

Revolutionary Stop Motion

The Roller Activated Stop Motion reliably positions the brake pad for a full revolution of braking every time. By absorbing much of the inertia prior to the stop, the life of the machine is prolonged and quality problems, such as double stops, are virtually eliminated.

The machine spends more time sewing since components like fly over and the eccentric are no longer needed and fewer adjustments are required. This stop motion is also used on our finest eyelet buttonhole machine S-104.

Semi-Automatic Lubrication System with Oil level indicator

The S-100 is equipped with a full drip oil wick lubrication system. By using wicks to carry oil to the critical parts of the machine, oiling is easier and less time consuming

The advantage of this system is that it eliminates periodic oiling downtime, reduces maintenance expenses and prolongs the machine life.

An oil level indicator shows the operator or mechanic when the machine is low on oil, protecting the machine from severe damage that can be caused by running a machine without the minimum required oil.









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