The S-311 Indexer is an electronic, fully programmable X-Y eyelet buttonhole machine specially designed for sewing of multiple buttonholes on jacket sleeves and jeans fly fronts at specific distances between each buttonhole. All sewing parameters including the buttonhole shape, length, number of buttonholes, and distance between buttonholes are easily set by the operator on the touch screen display. General machine features are based on the regular eyelet buttonhole machine S-311.



Indexer Unit

The Indexer unit is a special device ensuring automatic sewing of buttonholes with the possibility to set the number of buttonholes and the specific distances between them.

X-Y Electronic Control Motors

This X-Y machine is driven by three stepper motors and an induction motor. The stepper motors control the rotation of the sewing race, the horizontal and lateral movements of the machine. An induction motor drives the needle bar movement.

X-Y electronic control reduces the number of mechanical parts, increases the machine flexibility and provides a quiter operating environment. With fewer parts, the machine is more productive, more reliable with less down-time.

Touch Screen

Touch screen interface is fixed onto the machine table and can be adjusted for operator comfort. The use of easily understood symbols and graphics reduces the amount of operator training time normally required to set buttonhole types and sewing parameters.

The total flexibility provided by the program means that all important machine features including the cycle mode can be selected and sewn by a simple touch on the screen. Please refer to the chart below for more details.

LED Sewing Lights

The LED sewing lights as a part of the sewing head to illuminate the sewing area better.

Electronic Stitch Bite Adjustments

The electronically adjustable stitch bite provides further programming of the two basic sewing widths; 2,1mm and 2,7 mm; within the range of ± 0,3 mm.

Submerged Sewing Head

Submerged Sewing Head reduces the noise level significantly and allows the operator to handle the garments more ergonomically, which means less operator fatigue.

Pneumatic System

Pneumatic System controls are used for material clamping, cutting, fabric spreading, tension release and thread nipper. On the thread trimming models, the shears are also activated by pneumatics.

Sewing Speed up to 2,000 spm

The sewing speed is adjustable from 1,000 – 2,000 spm on the touch screen. The sewing speed can also be adjusted at the start and end position as well as around the eye to ensure excellent sewing quality even on more difficult materials.

Waste Material Removal and Suction System

The waste material removal & suction system help to keep the working environment cleaner by removal of the cut-off threads and cut-off eye material from the sewing area into a waste bag. This pneumatically controlled system prolongs the knife lifetime and provides our customer with better buttonhole cutting.

Improved Lubrication System

The improved lubrication system ensures quicker oil distribution on the critical parts of the machine immediately after turning the machine on.

Model Classifications

The S-311 Indexer models are classified according to the trimming mechanism into AF and CT and its application.

Sewing Patterns

The AF and CT models are capable of sewing the same range of buttonhole types with eye or no eye (open end, basic adjustable flybar, crossbar, round end). To view available sewing patterns please click here.



The S-311 Indexer machine was specially designed to sew multiply buttonholes on jacket sleeves and jeans fly fronts at specific distance between each buttonhole.









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