Automated leather cutting system maximizes hide yield and throughput to give you the fastest return on your investment.The Taurus II static leather cutting system captures the hide shape and up to four flaw grades in seconds using a digital camera. It then analyzes the image and automatically nests parts to maximize hide yield. Cutting is fast and extremely accurate with Precision Knife Technology.When compared to manual or die cutting, field tests have shown as much as 10 percent yield improvements.


Advanced Nesting = Maximum Yield

At the core of Taurus II is an extremely powerful computerized nesting engine, developed and refined by Gerber, that is 250 times more powerful than previous offerings. The most advanced nesting system yet means more parts from every hide.

Rapid Hide Imaging = Improved Throughput

In a matter of seconds, the entire hide and its flaw markings are mapped and recorded using RapidScan™ software technology embedded in a state-of-the-art digital camera mounted above the cutting table.

Valuable Metrics = Business Improvement

Taurus II leather cutting system compiles comprehensive data that enables managers to track work in progress and identify opportunities to improve processes. Taurus II also digitally records the details of every hide, including usable area and defect area. Users can then compare these figures with those stamped on the back of hides – to enable users to negotiate more effectively with hide suppliers.

Efficient Design and Engineering = More Uptime

Taurus II is a static leather cutting system with fewer moving parts, simplified motor assemblies and uncomplicated cabling – all of which translate to maximum uptime and lower maintenance costs. 

As a result, system reliability and uptime improves significantly while cost of ownership decreases.

A Choice of Systems = Optimized Floor Space

Taurus II is available in one- or two-station configurations that enable you to maximize your existing floor space. The single-station Taurus II offers the smallest footprint for flexible facility planning. The Taurus II dual-station system enables users to cut on one station while preparing a hide or offloading cut parts on the other to maximize productivity of the system.

Precision Knife Technology = Precisely Cut Parts

To cut large parts, like furniture, Taurus II’s rotary blade offers the fastest cut speeds. When cutting smaller, more complex parts, like transportation interiors, footwear and leather accessories, the patented reciprocating Pivex® knife ensures parts are always cut precisely.

Advanced Automation = Lower Labor and Production Costs

Because Taurus II nests parts automatically and is easy to learn and use, companies not only reduce labor costs significantly by hiring fewer skilled workers, they also get consistent results that are not dependent on the performance of one or two individuals. 

In addition, dies are time-consuming and expensive to manufacture, deteriorate with daily use, require periodic sharpening and consume valuable floor space to store. Each time there is a design change, templates must be modified and re-qualified. With Taurus, all of these issues become a distant memory.




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