Print and apply labels during the cutting process to accelerate bundling and kitting.The InfoMark cut part identification system is an optional label application system for GERBERcutter GTxL automated cutting systems. It automatically prints and applies labels containing alpha-numeric text and barcodes to the top ply of cut parts during the cutting process. The device places up to 30 labels per minute, using inexpensive, off-the-shelf, adhesive-back labels.With InfoMark, companies maximize cutting throughput, accelerate the cut part bundling/kitting process and minimize errors during the sewing or assembly process.


Accelerate the bundling and kitting process

Because the top ply of each part bundle is clearly labeled with a bar code and alpha-numeric text, workers are able to pick cut parts faster with fewer errors.

Eliminate the expense of paper plotted markers

With the InfoMark labeling system, it is no longer necessary to print and use plotted markers to identify cut parts, thus saving time and eliminating expensive consumable expense.

Easy to use

InfoMark accepts data from most standard CAD systems, including Gerber’s AccuMark pattern design, grading and marker making system. Users can easily modify label information.





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