Matching system for striped, checked, printed and plaid materials.The Invision™ matching system is ideal for matching striped, checked, printed and plaid materials. It compensates for fabric irregularities and delivers thread-to-thread accuracy of cut parts.The system performs matching and cutting operations simultaneously to improve accuracy and increase throughput in the cutting room.It is available as an option on the GERBERcutter GTxL.


Automate the matching process

The Invision matching system automates the matching process eliminating errors that can occur when using manual or semi-automated matching processes.

Reduce costs

The system reduces labor costs by eliminating the need to hire skilled labor to match fabrics manually. It also works to maximize material utilization to reduce material costs.

Improve accuracy

Achieve precise matching with a state-of-the-art lighting system and imaging techniques. Make corrections for irregularities in the fabric’s repeat pattern.

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