Eastman's Plastic Master™ gravity fed, blade lubrication and cooling system have been designed specifically to eliminate materials from fusing during the cutting of intricate patterns or straight lines. This is a perfect choice for cutting plastic and other fusible materials such as PVC, vinyl, and reinforced plastics. The Plastic Master™ is available in a standard version, 629PM, and a heavy-duty version, 627PM, where a moistening attachment is added.




  • Elimination of Fusing
  • Short stroke and wave blade reduce blade contact and heat by 80%
  • Special gravity feed moistening attachment to eliminate fusing
  • Coolant flow exactly metered to achieve the desired degree of lubrication and cooling



Model Name

Straight Knife Plastic Master 629M / 627PM


110v, 1ph, 220v, 1ph, 220v, 3ph, 380v, 3ph

Single Speed

Not Available

Dual Speed


Variable Speed

Not Available

Blade Types

High Speed Steel:  Available
Carbon Steel: Available
Teflon Coated: Available
Wave Edge: Standard
Wave Groove: Not Available
Round Tip: Not Available
Angled Tip: Not Available

Belt Types

Fine: Not Available
Medium: Not Available
Coarse: Not Available
Rough: Not Available
Waterproof: Standard





35 lbs. (15.9kg.)

38 lbs. (17.3kg)

Blade Size

(inches):  6", 7", 8"

(cm) 15.2, 17.7, 20.3

Cutting Capacity

(inches): 4.5", 5.5", 6.5"

(cm):11.4cm, 13.9cm, 16.5cm

Stroke Size

(inches):1.125", 1.25", 1.5"
(cm): 2.86cm, 3.18cm, 3.81cm




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