Eastman's exclusive Micro Fog machine ensures maximum heat reduction for cutting highly fusible materials and plastics. The Micro Fog device sends a mist of coolant / lubricant behind the knife and out through a specially slotted knife-slide to penetrate every layer and to eliminate the conditions that cause fusing. The Micro Fog straight knife requires 90-120 psi compressed air.The Micro Fog™ is available in a standard version, 629MF, and a heavy-duty version, 627MF.





Elimination of Fusing
Blade cooling via the coolant misting, air flow
Cooling penetration of each layer of cloth slotted wave blades

Pressure Fed
Compressed air pressure feeding




Model Name

Straight Knife Micro Fog 629MF / 627MF


110v, 1ph, 220v, 1ph, 220v, 3ph, 380v, 3ph

Single Speed


Dual Speed

Not Available

Variable Speed


Blade Types

High Speed Steel: Not Available
Carbon Steel: Not Available
Teflon Coated: Not Available
Wave Edge: Not Available
Wave Groove:  Standard
Round Tip: Not Available
Angled Tip: Not Available

Belt Types

Fine: Not Available
Medium: Not Available
Coarse: Not Available
Rough: Not Available
Waterproof: Standard





34 lbs. (15.4kg)

37 lbs. (16.7kg)

Blade Size

(inches):  6"

(cm) 15.2

Cutting Capacity

(inches): 4.5"


Stroke Size

(inches):1.125", 1.25"
(cm): 2.86cm, 3.18cm

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