An intelligent pattern design software system for the apparel and fashion industry.For decades, the world’s leading apparel brands and manufacturers have relied on AccuMark® software to satisfy their most demanding production requirements.For those just starting out with computer-aided design (CAD) for patterns, they can easily digitize their existing hard patterns into the AccuMark system using the GERBERdigitizer XLd manual digitizing system or AccuScan automated digitizing system.


Integrate with Gerber’s spreading, cutting and PLM systems to minimize errors

AccuMark provides seamless integration with Gerber’s automated spreading, cutting and PLM systems for more effective work order management. 

By integrating information between AccuMark CAD software and Gerber’s spreading and cutting systems, users significantly improve productivity in the cutting room and reduce errors caused by manual data entry. 

AccuMark also delivers improved integration with Gerber’s YuniquePLM product lifecycle management system. Users of YuniquePLM are able to import data on material yields and points of measure from the AccuMark system and use this information to generate costing and product tech packs. This information exchange eliminates redundant work and minimizes errors that often occur between creative and development teams.

Reduce cycle times and accelerate the critical path for garment approvals

AccuMark contains hundreds of highly specialized functions to create complex styles and simplify time-consuming, repetitive tasks. As a result, you’ll manage the highs and lows of production volumes more efficiently without additional labor. 

AccuMark software enables you to build upon a library of proven winning styles to help ensure consistency of fit, enabling you to generate fewer samples and prototypes and dramatically accelerate the approval process.

Reduce labor and material costs

Aside from obvious labor savings, with AccuMark’s Batch Processing functionality, users can access orders directly from an ERP system and process them through to cutting without human intervention, reducing labor and processing times dramatically. 

AccuMark also integrates seamlessly with AccuNest,™ Gerber’s automated marker making software, which uses high power computing to quickly analyze multiple nesting options and select the most efficient marker.

Improve collaboration with colleagues and partners

Gerber’s AccuMark pattern design software enables users to communicate detailed instructions about their patterns and markers to internal colleagues and global suppliers – in their local language. With AccuMark, users can also supplement pattern details with photos, sketches and specific measurements.

Easy to learn and use

Regardless of your experience with computer-aided design software, AccuMark pattern design software won’t leave you stranded. The software guides you through each function using convenient tool tips and step-by-step instructions. It enables pattern designers and marker makers to combine the talents and individual techniques they have mastered with the power of the computer to automate repetitive tasks and accomplish jobs faster.



  • Automate unique and highly-skilled tasks required for cut planning
  • Manipulate grade values quickly with built-in calculation tools
  • Directly control grading of line lengths for a single edge or seam
  • Track original pattern and compare revisions with new bookmarking feature
  • Harness greater flexibility to import non-AccuMark file formats
  • Easily convert all file types
  • Use existing pattern blocks to create new styles of garments
  • Walk pattern pieces together on screen to ensure notches are positioned accurately and pieces will sew together properly
  • Prepare production patterns with easy-to-apply seam finishes
  • Quickly add annotation and images to pattern pieces to facilitate communication with colleagues and suppliers
  • Use Pattern Wizard to automatically generate graded pattern blocks from a measurement chart. Place pattern pieces in a marker to quickly calculate material usage and costs
  • Reference existing grade rule libraries to quickly grade patterns
  • Grade multiple pattern pieces simultaneously
  • Instantly create a sample marker containing valuable information for costing
  • Ensure pattern accuracy across the graded marker
  • Easily generate markers with required production quantities, material widths, fabrics, colors and sizes
  • Enter fabric weight to calculate material costs more accurately, particularly with knit fabrics
  • Compact existing markers to improve material utilization and fabric savings
  • Automatically add splice marks to markers to assist during the spreading process
  • Import fabric prints at actual scale, define repeats and use this information to match pattern pieces visually
  • Eliminate double entry by generating marker and piece reports directly from AccuMark
  • Transfer pattern and marker data to YuniquePLM or your ERP system
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