The AE-200A edge control seamer is now launched. The machine is configured with JUKI's unique sensor and manipulator-control mechanisms allowing inexperienced operators to join materials with defferent curves" with great finesses matching the finished seam quality of highly skilled operators. Sewing specifications can be quickly ond accurately adjusted via touch panel to meet the requirement of various design changes and which helps operators join materials nimbly and skillfully while enhancing productivity even in sewing processes for custom-designed articles in small lots.


Model nameAE-200ALAAE-200ALD
Application  Join materials type (medium-weight)  For sewing pin tucks
Machine head  DLU-5498N-7 (exclusive machine head for AE-200A)
Sewing speed  200~3,500sti/min
Max. stitch length  4mm
Max. top-feed amount  8mm
Needle  10mm
Sewing condition  DP×1 (#11)#9~#18
Total weight

 (Seam allowance) 1~30mm

 (Curve sewing) 100mmR or more

 (Number of plies) Two or one

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