RX series is a high speed and high performance with top and bottom cover stitch machine of cylinder bed (circumference 280mm).


This series has wide range of models from 1 needle (for hemming of jeans) to 4 needle (RX9804D), and for various kinds of operations like

  • plain stitching
  • covering
  • hemming
  • attaching elastic
  • attaching pre-closed elastic to men's briefs, and so on



Also, available for models equipped with puller, right knife, left knife, and so on. Stitch length can be adjusted by a push button easily (max. 4mm, 6 stitches/inch). A maximum sewing speed is 6000rpm, so the productivity will be upgraded. The latest line of REX that has just been introduced has the looper thread take-up cam outside of the machine for easier handling. The new subclass MG includes 5 different gauges in 1 machine for various purposes. 



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