The ultra flexible, fully programmable electronic eyelet buttonhole machine incorporates the latest technologies and highest requirements to meet all manufactures’ needs. The electronic eyelet buttonhole machine combines the excellent traditional buttonhole quality performance with new revolutionary machine design, four patented mechanisms and currently the highest sewing speed. All sewing parameters are very simply adjustable on a large full color touch screen. Ultra flexibility on men‘s suit is ensured by specially designed ULTRAFLEX model where lapel buttonholes are cut fully or partially, and are sewn in one sequence with jacket front buttonholes. The ES - 505 electronic eyelet buttonhole machine is available in a vide range of models including the indexer model recommended for sewing of multiple buttonholes on jacket sleeves or fly fronts.


Currently the fastest machine available, running at 2,700 spm

Unbeatable sewing speed adjustable from 1,500 spm to 2,7000 spm directly from the touch screen display. Different sewing speed can be programmed at the start/stop position, around the eye and in the cross bar finish to ensure excellent sewing quality even on difficult materials.

New modular design of the sewing head with integrated sewing motor

The new concept of the sewing head enables sewing in vertical or horizontal direction and provides the operator with larger handling space in the sewing area. The new, stronger main drive increases machine performance and is integrated in the sewing head. The sewing head can be fixed onto the sewing table or sup¬plied as submerged according to the customer’s preference.

New patented balancing and sewing drive mechanism

Developed to increase the machine performance, lifetime and decrease the machine vibration.

Incorporated Round LED Lights

Incorporated LED sewing lights around the cutting block eli¬minates darker spots in the sewing area and provides opti¬mum light conditions while working on the machine.

No need of mechanical adjustments when changing the stitch bite

A new technical solution for the stitch bite, including the two basic widths, 1.9 and 2.7 mm, ensures that full stitch bite range is now controlled from the touch screen display only.

New vertical cutting system instead of standard lever cutting

The vertical cutting improves the buttonhole cutting in its whole length. The lever cutting system has been replaced by pneumatically controlled vertical cutting mechanism applying the same pressure throughout the buttonhole length and pro¬viding the operator with clean and reliable buttonhole cutting on all types and multiple layers of material.

Independent thread tension of all threads

The needle, looper and gimp thread can be separately adjusted from the sewing head without the need to til¬ting the sewing head. This system improves the sewing quality on different fabrics and therefore the final buttonhole appearance.

High Resolution Full-Color Touch Screen Display

5.7” LCD high resolution touch screen display is fixed onto the machine table and incorporates new sewing functions. The use of easily understood symbols makes the machine very easy to operate, minimizing training time.

Pneumatic System Controls

Pneumatic system controls are used for the clamping, spreading, cutting of the material, thread nipper, stitch bite, suction system and also for the thread tension of needle, looper and gimp thread.

Cycle Sewing

The cycle sewing allows up to 21 different buttonhole combinations to be sewn in 47 different programs. The operator can set the machine to sew any of the required buttonhole styles, i.e. to cover all buttonhole applications on a formal jacket. All settings can be done easily by the opera¬tor on the touch screen display.

New longer clamp feet

The machine is equipped with new longer clamp feet. The longer arms improve the material handling and provide the operator with more space when clamping the sewn garment. Availability of different types of clamp feet for a vari¬ety of applications ensures optimum fabric clamping.


The ES 505 machine can be used for a wide range of applications which are suited to all needs of the clothing manufacturer, both large and small. This machine can handle all types of garments ranging from light to heavy weight materials including denim and leather. The applications of the machine can be found on formal menswear, ladies‘ wear, jeans, casual trousers and other outwear.


The ES 505 machine can sew a variety of buttonhole shapes with or without gimp including the round eyelet. Depending on the manufacturer requirements, up to 99 different stitching patterns can be set in the memory of the machine.


When sewing the round end finish, the operator can set two different start positions, which are either in the first row or in the eye. When the eye start is selected, the finished buttonhole looks much cleaner since the trimmed thread ends are covered by the button, especially on trouser applications.



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