The autojig machine 84-55 incorporates a number of important innovations and is offered in M or U version depending on the stitching template size. While the 84-55M autojig machine accommodates stitching templates up to 60 cm in length the 84-55U autojig machine is designed for handling of very large stitching temples up to 140-150 cm in length. Patented intermittent/ continuous dual drive system enables the stitching templates to be turned at acute corners and also to be driven in “reverse” for back tacking the seam ends if required. The autojig machine is equipped with microprocessor that controls all of the sewing functions. This autojig machine is widely used for the run stitching of cuffs, pockets, pointed and rounded collars,  jacket foreparts etc.


Quality & Unmatched Flexibility

Every component is correct in size and shape – every time, in every fabric, with every operator. Consistent quality is maintained across multiple manufacturing site.

Component size or shape can be changed in few seconds by the operator without any assistance. No “learning course” is required, operators achieve full productivity within minutes of introducing a new style.

Unskilled Operation & Enhanced Productivity

Very limited sewing skills are required, simply the ability to maintain a steady routine in loading and unloading the stitching templates. New (unskilled) operators produce perfect components from the outset and achieve full productivity within only a few hours.

Very high machine utilization is achieved because one template can be loaded while a second template is being sewn; so called “needle time” comfortably exceeds 80%. Unskilled operator can be brought in at times of peak demand. New styles no longer cause dip in production.


  • low cost automatic profile stitcher for garment and other subassemblies
  • changes of component shape can be made in less than 10 seconds by change of jig, no machine adjustments are required
  • low training period, normally 2-3 hours means that unskilled labour can be used for even the most complex shapes
  • automatic insertion of fullness where required will sew all types and weights of fabric
  • models available to suit all types of manufacturers
  • special models for folding and attaching of patch pockets

Patented intermittent/continuous dual drive system

The standard AMF Reece Autojig intermittent drive mechanism advances the stitching template only when the needle is in the “up” position, for optimum stitch quality, garment appearance and needle life.

The 84-55 models for the first time combine this feature with selectable continuous drive, to move the template at unstitched sections of the profile or turning the template at acute corners or for “fly” fronts for example.

Back tacking

Patented intermittent/continuous dual drive system also enables stitching templates to be driven in “reverse”; for back tacking the seam ends if required. Additionally, on completion of the sewing cycle, large templates can be driven automatically at high speed back to the start position, to reduce the time needed for exchanging templates.

Microprocessor Control System

The 84-55 autojig machine retains the successful microprocessor controlled features of earlier versions, such as:

  • automatic thread trimming
  • starting and stopping of cloth trimming knife
  • up to 6 different modes of operation at corners
  • automatic batch counter to monitor productivity
  • prompts on LCD screen to guide the mechanic through the operating sequence
  • self-diagnostic testing facility

Sewing Head

This machine incorporates DLM 5400 Juki sewing head ensuring high quality stitching.

Auto –Start Facility

This facility automatically initiates the sewing cycle as soon as the template is moved to the start position.

Large Capacity Hook & Base

Large Capacity Hook & Base minimizes stoppages for bobbin changing.

Increased Sewing Speed

Increased Sewing Speed, from 2600 spm to 3600 spm, ensures that even the fastest operator never needs to wait for the machine to complete its sewing cycle. Therefore the productivity is also increased up to 30%.





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