Just imagine printing a 50 metre roll of fabric unattended, with 8 colours in high quality, in less than 90 minutes! It is possible today, and for a very modest investment. Just two years after the successful introduction of the Ruby V printer, Stork Digital Imaging presents the follow-up model to this printer: the Ruby V-II printer. Based on the Ruby V, this new printer comes with a brand-new version of the PrinterServer software as standard. Together with special hardware additions to the well-known Ruby V printer, this software enables the Ruby V-II to print most designs on most fabrics twice as fast as the standard Ruby V! A dazzling 58 m2/hr at high quality has become reality with the Ruby V-II ! Needless to say, also all high resolution settings from the Ruby V remain available, so a perfect match to older prints made on a Ruby V printer is assured.

The printer uses four of the proven extra-wide variable-dot Epson print heads, each head jetting all eight colours for maximum speed and colour gamut. The distance from the print heads and the fabric surface is automatically controlled by a sensor. A sophisticated laser device checks the efficiency of each nozzle on the fly and prevents print faults.

The printer has an adhesive blanket that prevents even the smallest unwanted movement of the fabric once it is in position. A precision twin-roll unwind mechanism with photocell edge sensors guides the fabric precisely and smoothly onto the blanket. The glue on the blanket is activated by heat, making the Ruby V-II ideal for printing on elastic fabrics. A rotating brush washing unit with open water circuit prevents 'back staining’ by removing the excess of ink from the adhesive blanket. The entire washing unit is mounted on rails and can be extracted with ease for inspection and cleaning.

One infrared dryer dries out the printed fabric before rewinding. Another infrared dryer is positioned just after the washing unit to dry out water traces from the blanket and to pre-heat the blanket’s surface to optimal working temperature for the thermoplastic adhesive.

The Ruby V-II is equipped with the patented Stork degassed ink system as standard. Even the smallest amount of air in the ink would block the printer at the high speed of the Ruby V-II, but the closed ink system with factory-degassed inks eliminates this risk totally. Apart from the high speed feature, the PrinterServer software with its easy-to-use graphical interface ensures excellent reproduction of the original design. You can control colour from print to print, from printer to printer and even from location to location through the unique Stork U See® standard.



Stork Ruby V - II


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