Barudan BEXT S1501C (450x520) is a large machine with bridge-mounted sewing head, provides plenty of room to embroider a wide range of small to large heavy items.


  • User-friendly icon-based machine operation; standard throughout Barudan line.

  • Easy-to-read oversized color LCD.

  • Automatic detector for both top and bobbin thread breaks.

  • Radius cylinder arm for the highest quality embroidery on finished caps.

  • 10 million stitch capacity in 30 patterns.

  • CF Card (CompactFlash™ Card) slot.


  • 1,600 stitch back-up.

  • Super quiet operation.

  • Heavy-duty construction.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Networking capabilities.

  • Stand-by function.

  • Ability to sew flats, caps and tubular goods; quick changeover between products.

  • Possibility of sequin device on the  BEXT S1501C.

Standard Mechanism

Simple Operation 
Everything about BEVT series is easy.
Executing the machine's variety of functions is simple - using easily recognized icons. (Network capabilities)

Radius Cylinder Arm 
Barudan's unique cylinder arm hugs the inside curve of the cap frame. Provides a smooth, even surface for 
stitching. Reduces flagging and distortion. Use the same throat for all embroidery. 
No need to change plates between jobs.

Large Field Size 
Large field size of 450×520 on BEXT-S1501C increases the range of products and productivity.

Embroider a complete range of items --- caps, socks, jackets, towels and more.
Converting your machine for different goods is quick and easy.

New VT Automat


MODEL Embroidery Area
Cap Frame
Frames for Finished Goods
Maximum (mm)
Number of Needles Stitch Length
Power Supply
Power Consumption
BEXT-S1501C  450×520 79×360 460×434 15 0.1~12.7 1000


MODEL Embroidery Area
Dimensions (mm) Weight
Length Depth Height
BEXT-S1501C 450×520 1525 1225 1590 315




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