Barudan BEXS HLZ Series is a lock stitch zig-zag embroidery machine.Various materials, such as taping, cording, Zig-Zag sewing, are possible with this Lock Stitch Zig-Zag embroidery machine. Fashion trends are produced quickly with this new technology. Produce a wide range of embroidery including standard embroidery.


  • 12 or 15 needles.

  • Industrial-strength construction.

  • Super quiet operation.

  • Thread clamps hold threads in place to prevent pull outs.

  • Built-in 3.5" disk drive.

  • Automat provides a high-speed networking system.

  • 1,000,000 stitch capacity in 30 patterns.

  • Reads and stores most popular embroidery machine formats.

  • Matrix function allows a single pattern to be sewn multiple times.

  • Automatic return to origin.

  • Digitally float to any stitch in a design.

  • Automatic thread break detector.

  • Stitch processing scales designs up or down and compensates stitches.

  • Program jog movements.

  • Variable sewing speed from 200 to 1,000 stitches per minute. Can be adjusted to suit each individual application.

  • Perimeter trace allows you to trace the outline of a design to ensure proper placement of design.

  • Visual pattern preview.

  • Bobbin counter notifies operator when the bobbin needs to be changed.

  • Automatic speed control ensures optimum stitch quality.

  • 1,600 stitch automend and stitch backup.

  • Backup disk of all patterns stored in memory can easily be created or restored with one simple command.

  • Function List allows you to quickly and easily change color sequence in one screen.

  • Powerful 1.0 horsepower main motor enables embroidering on thick fabric including leather and heavy webbing.

  • Internal battery backup and origin reference allow you to restart quickly and accurately even after a power failure.

Standard Mechanism

Zig-Zag device
Change the width of the Zig-Zag in increments of 1mm between 0mm - 15mm.

Nipple stroke adjustment mechanism
The nipple stroke can changed depending on the material being sewn (A maximum of 10mm). The dead point of
the nipple can also be changed in increments of 0.5mm each (Max. 5mm).

Accurate nipple axis drive
Accurate high speed embroidery powered by nipple shaft servo motor.

Designed to sew at high speed and quietly
Mechatronicsed drive unit enables higer control and less noise.

Nipple shaft position returns to origin
The tape bobbin position changes to the threading position automatically making threading easy when a thread

Nipple automatic evacuation function
Since needle and nipple move up at the end of sewing, changing the hoop or material is done quickly and easily.

Tape (Cord) guide attachments
Easy to change out systems for various attachments.

Individual head control function
Automatic switch-over between left and right stitching of paired head is available.

Automatic stitch selection mechanism
You can easily make the change between taping, coiling, Zig-Zag and standard embroidery on the automat.

Taping (Cording) attachment
Our unique system enable you to change over quickly and easily between attachments.



MODELEmbroidery Area
Needle Distance
Number Colors of EmbroiderySpeed
Power Supply
BEXS-HLZ1206 750×640/640 640 12 (Standard Embroidery)
(Lock Stitch Embroidery)


BEXS-HLZ1206 1000×640/640
BEXS-HLZ1210 750×640/640
BEXS-HLZ1210 1000×640/640


MODELEmbroidery Area
Needle Distance
BEXS-HLZ1206 750×640/640 640 6105 2090 1773
BEXS-HLZ1206 1000×640/640 2590
BEXS-HLZ1210 750×640/640 8665 2090
BEXS-HLZ1210 1000×640/640 2590






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