The Promashirt TS4050PTE is pneumatic press with Drawer up front, for applying on textiles and other flat supports with size 40x50cm and maximum width of 7cm. It guarantees the easy use with it’s Pneumatic operation system and homogeneous pressure all around the support

More accessible, Loading the product is easier using the lower platen with drawer and more visibility before applying. The press is less Bulky with the frontal drawer than the Lateral release Press and reduce the risk of burning.
Easy to operate, once the lower platen is locked, the descent of the upper heat platen is controlled by two push buttons or automatically by end of run captors. 

The TS-4050PTE is equipped with a stand in “U” which allows treating easily all kind of textiles on the lower plate (shirt with button ect…), and make easier the change of plates.







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