EYx1 FL-K29 FL-K30 FLG-1 FLG-3 FLG-6 FLG-7  


  FLG-8 FLG-9 FLx1A FLx118A FLx118GBS FLx118GCSSF FLx1014D  





Needles Purpose
FLx1014D FLx1014B without rear groove
FL-K29 FLx118A with smaller needle-eye
FL-K30 FLx118GBS with smaller needle-eye
FLx118GCSSF for super fine gauge knitted fabric
FLx2A flat-seamer
FLx118A flat-seamer
FLx118GBS flat-seamer  with scarf
FLG-1 flat-seamer (guiding needle)
FLG-3 flat-seamer (guiding needle)
FLG-6 flat-seamer (guiding needle)
FLG-7 flat-seamer (guiding needle)
FLG-9 flat-seamer (guiding needle)
FLG-8 flat-seamer (guiding needle with scarf)
EYx1 flat-lock
FLx1A flat-lock
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