DC-C47 DC-J27 DC-K32 DC-K47-NY DC-N17 DC-N17SF DC-N24 DC-N25  


DC-N25SF DCx1 DCx1KN DCx1SF DCx3KN DCx5 DCx7 DCx27  


DCx27HS DMx5 DMx13 DMx13KN RMx26 RMx27FMB RMx29  




Needles Purpose
RMx29 1/3-needles interlock
DC-N25 shank length=11.50mm
DC-N17 shank length=13mm
DC-N24 shank length=13mm
DC-K47-NY DCx27 with larger needle-eye
DC-J27 DCx27 without rear groove
RMx27FMB DCx27 (with flat shank on both sides)
DC-K32 DC-N17 with larger needle-eye
DCx7 interlock
DMx13 interlock
DMx5 overlock (with two scarfs)
DCx5 overlock
RMx26 overlock
DCx1 overlock
DCx27 overlock
DCx1NS for new synthetic material
DCx1SF for super fine gauge knitted fabric
DC-N17SF for super fine gauge knitted fabric
DCx1KN for knitted fabric
DCx3KN for knitted fabric
DMx13KN for knitted fabric
DCx27HS heatproof needle
DC-C47 flat shank on both sides
DC-N25SF for super fine gauge knitted fabric
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